Friday, May 28, 2010


photography competition 

it's called "EXPOSURE" .... the prize is an apartment in New York for a year and a solo show 

obviously that is quite lusciously tempting ...

to see the whole folio entry
to vote click on the 5 stars at the bottom of the folio ... (preferably the 5th star ...ahem shuffle shuffle)

dont be shy

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Francis Van Hout

Francis Van Hout one of my oldest and greatest friends made a brilliant solo show at the UC Canterbury School of Fine Arts gallery last week ....coinciding with the opening of the new wings for film and post grad artists studios

All 4 walls were filled with a single marching file of paintings with definitive photographic sensation......stand in the middle of the room and slowly turn in a circle 360 degrees for the best view ....

Each work is dated ... the show is in chronological order ... mapping out one month of his life in paintings... each day some paintings were made ...some days prolific.... some days only one or nothing for the day ...

following different paths and thoughts over a month

but ...
what happened on the lost days?

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