Sunday, January 18, 2009

Highland and Hebrides adventure...

over a wee dram of whisky the night we arrived in perth we planned a madcap trip with alot of "definitely need to see this'es" and not enough days, and a massive storm front moving in across northern scotland...

doesn matter let's go!

thelma and louise hire a marble and burn off into the scary highlands
thinking about the poor fellas like rob roy sheltering in just their kilts and plaid over night
and hoping the marble doesnt blow off a mountain pass with us in it ...

drumnadrochit pass still open

heading for the highlands

loch ness first "nessy" sighting

loch ness cant stop cant stop ...but but ...

second nessy sighting remains unrecorded at the head of the lake...
ahem "loch"

on the ferry to stornaway force 10 gale
we took some fairly heavy sideways hits
i naturally stayed outside loving it on the lee side of the boat :)

stornaway...lightbulb tree

...and finally ... the callanish .... alot of folk standing around and not a human in sight ...
could not have been better

island of lewis ...a barren and beautiful place.. full of weather

and houses of folk who havent made it
or made it and finished it here

geese and hens sheltering on plough blades ...
one foolhardy hen braved it and got blown away while i was watching....

crofters lands

gearannan black house village
we stayed here
it was brilliant !!!

our house ... with part of the roof missing !!!!
(we discovered this later )

collected a strange stone from this beach under the full moon

heading for the island of Harris...
it is necessary to pass through .....



you can see exactly where the tweeds colours come from

so much water everywhere ...even on the top of the hills
potholes and rivulets everywhere ...
fortunately i brought my gumboots and bought some waterproof trousers
polar explorer
direct from antarctica me

pierrot sheep

ferry to uig mid storm again
not full scale like the first one though

isle of skye

um ok... i guess it is a rental...

third and final nessy sighting !!!

getting near fort augustus
where i ate haggis
and liked it
...Stewart blood will out ...

want to go back
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