Friday, January 29, 2010

astronauts.... stars and black holes

wondering what this year will bring ... ( I think you are supposed to think this on New Years day....I'm having a slight delay...... again....)
seems to be some tiny bit of positive movement amongst all the gruesome grim-ness ... of the dark void the world seems to be slipping into

why does Neil Armstrong standing on the moon always make me feel brilliant?
so much so that i made a pinhole image on polaroid of the iconic picture from my computer ... 1.5 hours exposure through clingwrap... nice ....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my first ever animation attempt

so the last week i have had my nose glued to my computer ...animating my still photography for a short film proposal ....

777 still images sketched into ,composited, photoshopped for animation later and i have a rickety-crickety 1 minute movie to stitch together as a storyboard for the "big break" competition in NZ ... judged by Peter Jackson and Barrie Osborne ... obviously heroes .... being from hobbit-land myself

a few frames follow and the real thing is here

it would make a very happy Frances if you zip over and vote for my little movie in the next 24 hours...
maybe I will get a chance to get a real film crew and shoot it in New Zealand end of January this year ..... vote here
(i hate people that do this "vote for me thing".... but not to worry)

grin and bear style :D

did you vote yet ...did you ??? did you ????

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

california dreaming

i thought those cheesey sunset photos were only on 70's record covers .... and now i find myself in California taking them

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