Saturday, March 12, 2011

sad flag

from our sad lowered flag for our tragic deaths and loss of homes and businesses in Christchurch New Zealand in the February 22 2011 earthquake

 to even further and worse destruction on the same ring of fire in Japan 11 March 2011 

... I send good wishes to all our close neighbours and friends across the sea...


Travel / Surf Guy said...

I'm with you on that - it's a sad, sad state of affairs. This world of ours is a fragile place. Recent events have proved this.
Our families and friends are all fine, our house has suffered minor damage but life will never be the same. Really makes you appreciate how insignificant we all are.

I'm pleased you are safe and well Frances - sending you "good vibes"

ingermaaike said...

Nature is so much stronger than we are which is such a cliche yet so true.

I am ever so glad you have come through it all in one piece, missing you !

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